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Reducing Your Tax Burden

From public health and safety, to roads and infrastructure, and everything in between, county government is funded by your taxes. The tax burden should not become a threat to your dream and livelihood. As your County Commissioner, I will work to keep Tarrant County focused on its core duties and to keep taxes low.

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Improving Roads & Infrastructure

Investing in our transportation infrastructure is one of the most effective ways to improve our quality of life. From inner city roadways to interstate highways, transportation in Tarrant County and North Texas means workforce mobility, commercial access, logistical movement of goods and supplies, and better jobs. As the population of Tarrant County rises above 2.1 million people, I am committed to working on innovative transportation solutions to encourage growth for the future economy.

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Making County Government Work for You

I firmly believe in representative government, where the will of the people is the guiding force... not special interest groups and bureaucrats. Transparency breeds visibility and enables accountability in government. As your next Commissioner, I will proactively engage with the taxpayers and elected officials to build more transparency and accountability into the operation of Tarrant County.

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Supporting Law Enforcement

I will provide law enforcement with adequate resources to fight crimes and keep violent criminals out of our neighborhoods and in jail where they belong. I will also support existing and new diversion programs through the Courts, District Attorney Office, and the Sheriff Office to rehabilitate and treat people with mental illness and addiction.

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Send me back to the Commissioners Court so we can complete our unfinished business. Together we will make Tarrant County work for you!

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