Senator Brian Birdwell, District 22
Representative Matt Krause, District 93
Representative Tony Tinderholt, District 94
Representative David Cook, District 96
Representative Angie Chen Button, District 112
Sheriff Bill Waybourn
Sharen Wilson, District Attorney
Commissioner Gary Fickes, Precinct 3
Mary Louise Nicholson, County Clerk
Tom Wilder, District Clerk
Constable Dale Clark
Constable Jon Siegel
Arlington Police Association
Fort Worth Police Officers Association
Tarrant County Law Enforcement Association

Andrew Piel, Arlington City Council
Raul Gonzalez, Arlington City Council
Casey Lewis, Mansfield City Council
Larry Broseh, Mansfield City Council
The Honorable Angela Powell, Plano ISD Trustee*
Bowie Hogg, Arlington ISD Trustee
Victor Vandergriff, former TxDOT Commissioner

Bill Zedler, former State Representative
Jeff Williams, former Mayor of Arlington
Brian Johnson, former Mayor of Kennedale
Brent Newsom, former Mansfield City Councilmember
Darl Easton, former Tarrant County GOP Chair
Warren Norred, SREC Committeeman SD10

Tanya Bryant, Precinct Chair 1021
Terry Munford, Precinct Chair 1146
Carlos Eduardo Turcios, Precinct Chair 1207
David Lambertsen, Precinct Chair 1227
Shanda Perkins, Precinct Chair 1271
John Dotson, Precinct Chair 1377
Michael Celeste, Precinct Chair 1431
Brenda Dietrich, Precinct Chair 2145
Bill Eastland, Precinct Chair 2168
Hector Casanova, Precinct Chair 2173
Melba McDow, Precinct Chair 2219
Michael Sabat, Precinct Chair 2299
Quintin Huckaby, Precicnt Chair 2304
Cyndie Lasher, Precinct Chair 2307
Donna Korman, Precinct Chair 2314
Mary Garza, Precinct Chair 2438
Karyn Douglas, Precinct Chair 2556
David Halvorson, Precinct Chair 3038
Francine deLongchamp, Precinct Chair 3114
Chuck Mogged, Precinct Chair 3421
Marvin Bahnman, Precinct Chair 4057
Jim Sutton, Precinct Chair 4410
Don Hase, Precinct Chair 2521
Chuck Mogged, Precinct Chair 3421, House District 98 Area Leader
Eric Mahroum, former Trump Administration Senior Advisor
Tom Ha, community leader and business owner
Dan Tran, community leader and business owner

Elizabeth Arseneau
Carla Aufdenkamp
Joe Barnett
Ly Barrett
Tim Beary
Davin Bernstein
Terry Bertrand
Debbie Bertrand
Ann Marie Birdwell
Matt Birdwell
Robert Blake
Roland Bobinger
Susan Bobinger
Larry Bowlin
Scot Bowman
Charles Brady
Larry Broseh
Nhi Bui
Gina Butcher
TK Campbell
Anne Coker
Owen Cox
Tom Cravens
Sharon Croxton
Bo Cung
Kelly Curnutt
Charles Daily
Carol Daley
Hung Dao
Trang Dao
Wallace David
Bill Dedecker
Suzanne Dedecker
Roger DeFrang
Tuyet Dinh
Carla Dombroski
R. Todd Dombroski, DO
Long Dong
Karyn Douglas
Dan Fernandez
Larry Fowler
Paul Fulks
Toni Fulks
Coy Garrett
Howard Geisel
Becky Gerro
Mike Gerro
Greg Girard
Danita Gonder
Helen Gonzales
Kerry Gonzalez
Charles Green
James Greenwood
Sandra Greenwood
Mahesh Guduru
James Gyurkovic
Mojy Haddad
Janet Halvorson
Brenda Hayes
Mark Hayes
Brandon Hill
Hai Ho
Vince Hrabal
Porsha Jackson
Lisa Jamieson
Don Joe
Brian Johnson
Larry Kauffman
Clay M Kelley
Robert Kembel
Christopher Kenney
Renee Kenney
​Dr. Loc H. Khuong, M.B.A,, Ph.D
Rochelle King
Don Klick
Dzung Lam
Loc Le
Luong Le
Thanh Le
Thuy Le
Tung Le
Barbara Lee
Dwayne Lee
James Maibach
John Mann
Ken Mattner
Tony Meehan
Janey Meek
John Meek
David McClelland
Marty McGee
Tom McMeans
Christopher McMurrough
James Minge
Adrian Mizher
Jan Mogged
Tim Moloney
Andy Nguyen
Dung Nguyen
Hien Nguyen
Hiep Nguyen
Hung Nguyen
Huy Nguyen
Khanh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen
Ngan Nguyen
Nhat Tao Nguyen
Quynhlien Nguyen
Sang Nguyen
Teresa Nguyen
Thuan Nguyen
Vu Nguyen
Annette Norred
Lee Roy Olson
Lou Olson
Jagdip Patel
Delores Pell
Shanda Perkins
Alena Pham
An Pham
Tiana Pham
Christopher Phan
Devin R. Pipes
Joseph Porter
Mona Puente
Vince Puente
Michele Purgason
Fran Rhodes
Kelley Roberson
Waylon Roberson
Emmett Rodriguez
Vandolyn Roszell
John S. Sanchez
Ponniah Sankarapandian
Rick Schwab
Peter A Scott
Lucila Seri
Brig Serman
Jason Smith, III
Richelle Smithee
AJ Soliz
Jim Sparks
John Stacks
Demi Stewart
Reecia Stoglin
Chaplain Rich Stoglin
Mark Strickland
Vera Strickland
Susan Tate
Natan Ton-that
Anh Tran
Anthony Tran
Dan M Tran
David Tran
Diep Tran
Joseph Tran
Khanh Tran
Van Tran
Michael Trang
Tran Trong
Janice Tyler
Patrick Tyler
Susan Valliant
Jerry Vennum
Lisa Ventura
Liem Vu
David Wallace
Rebekah Warwick
Jack Webb
Lori Williams
Buz Wilson
Robert Wodarczyk
Gina Woodlee
Tim Woodlee
Canvas Jute


"Andy Nguyen is a goal-driven, action-oriented leader who always puts our Tarrant County families first. As our next County Commissioner, Andy will be a fierce advocate for taxpayers- not bureaucrats or special interests. I am very proud to endorse Andy Nguyen for Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 2." 

-Representative David Cook, House District 96

"Andy Nguyen is a true friend to Tarrant County taxpayers and a fierce opponent of wasteful spending. While at the Courthouse, he ensured that, with every policy he advocated, the county government worked for you--the taxpayer. I am excited to endorse him to be the next County Commissioner for Precinct 2, as I know he will fight bureaucracy and not back down to special interests. Join me in sending Andy back to the Courthouse to finish the job he started!"

-Representative Matt Krause, House District 93

"Andy Nguyen is the right choice for Tarrant County Commissioner in Precinct 2! A successful business owner, CEO and true servant leader, Andy represents the very heart of our community. He is an innovator who seeks bold solutions to problems and never settles for the status quo. Andy will put the people of Tarrant County first… always. This is why I whole-heartedly endorse him for Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 2."

-Representative Tony Tinderholt, House District 94

“I enthusiastically endorse Andy Nguyen for Tarrant County Commissioner, Precinct 2. Andy is a friend of local law enforcement and has been throughout his leadership in county government. As Commissioner, he will continue to back the blue, ensuring that we have the resources we need to keep criminals off our streets and behind bars. Andy is a man of integrity with an absolute commitment to always doing what is right—he will never give up on our deputies and will never back down from fighting for what’s right for you and our community.”

-Sheriff Bill Waybourn

"As a CFO in Corporate America, former president of a local Chamber of Commerce, and a professor for an MBA program, I endorse Andy Nguyen for our next Tarrant County Commissioner for Precinct 2. Andy has served as an Army Officer and business owner, and possesses a track record of bringing effective business approaches and leadership into Tarrant County as County Commissioner."

-Dr. Loc H. Khuong

"Andy embodies the principle of servant leadership. He is amazing leader with a beautiful family who share the American values that made our country great!"

-Joshua Finkenbinder

"We need conservative commissioners in Tarrant County to keep our neighborhoods safe, government of the people, by the people, for the people."

-Karyn Douglas

"It is time to get Andy back to what he does so well."

-Larry Kauffman

"Thank you for widening & extending Freeway 360."

-Dan Tran

"I know Andy. I trust Andy. We need him on the Commissioners’ Court."

-Kelley Roberson

"Andy is one of the most hard working people I know. He involves the community in his decisions and has the ability to bring everybody together. His commitment to Tarrant county is unsurpassed. I fully support Andy for County commissioner!"

-Ken Mattner

"Andy believes in The American Dream. A U.S. Military Veteran. A successful businessman. Beautiful family. A servants heart who gives to his community on a daily bases. 
I am a witness. You will never go wrong supporting Andy."

-Demi Stewart

"Andy is a man of good character that we trust to represent us. He has a proven history of being open, honest, and getting the job done.”

-Tim and Gina Woodlee

"I’ve known and worked with Andy. He’s a person who has Tarrant County’s best interests in mind. True transportation guy."

-Jim Sparks

"Andy is the man we need for Tarrant County! His commitment to his community and vision for our future make him the ideal leader for County Commissioner!"
-Brig Serman


Andy exemplifies EVERYTHING missing in America today! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!"

-Jeff Marshall

"I have known Andy for just over 25 years. He was and continues to be a trusted partner and friend."

-Robert Blake

"A great Commissioner who had worked hard, fought hard to make Tarrant County a much better place.  He had brought many benefits to the county improving the lives of its people."

Anthony Tran

"I endorse Andy for his conservative values.  I also believe he is strong on election integrity and wants to make sure our elections are fair and transparent."

-TK Campbell

"Andy Nguyen embodies the spirits of service and dedication.  There are few people in this community that can measure up to Andy's commitment to his family, friends, and building a better Tarrant County.  I whole heartedly endorse Andy and know he is the right man to be our County Commissioner."

-David Wallace

"As 1207 Tarrant GOP Precinct Chair, I endorse Angy Nguyen because I believe he has the experience, conservative values, and leadership skills to be our next county commissioner for precinct 2."

-Carlos Eduardo Turcios

"Andy has not only shown his leadership as a former County Commissioner but more importantly he has shown his leadership and willing to serve the community even when he was not in the elected position. Andy is very special."

-Roger DeFrang

"JPS Med Center is the center of our Covid pandemic care.  Andy has key experience with JPS, for the most important health care issue.  As a former Army Officer physician, I know Andy's military experience and adaptabilities allow him to be a leader in any area."

-R. Todd Dombroski, DO

"I've known Andy for sometime now and he's always been a strong conservative who's core values of honesty, faithfulness and hard work will greatly serve the residents of Tarrant County."

-Robert Wodarczyk

"Andy and his family truly epitomize the American story.  Andy brings integrity to public service, a trait we need badly in our country.  it is an honor to endorse Andy for County Commissioner."

-Susan Tate

*Title for identification purposes only