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What is a County Commissioner?

What is a County Government?

  • Tarrant County is the third most populous county in Texas, with a population of about 2.1 million, behind only Harris and Dallas counties. 

  • That population is projected to grow to 3 million by 2045

  • Funded mostly by property tax and fees, Tarrant County employs about 4,500 full time and 200 temporary employees, and is funded by an annual budget of about $1B, based on FY23 Recommended Budget. 

  • Those resources and employees carry out many aspects of business that are essential to county residents, including:

    • Public safety, law enforcement, and judicial functions

    • Birth and death certificates

    • Matters related to marriage, divorce and probate

    • Business startups and home buying

    • Taxes, lawsuits and legal offenses

    • Transportation, public health

    • Housing, jobs, voting and much more

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  • Who is responsible for managing Tarrant County’s budgets and many of its complex entities? The Tarrant County Commissioners Court, made up of 4 representatives elected from each of the commissioner precincts, and the County Judge.

  • Collectively, as a body, the Commissioners Court conducts the general business of the County. This includes:

    • Adopting the county’s budget and tax rate, 

    • Approving all purchases of the county, 

    • Filling vacancies in elective and appointive offices (including members of the JPS Board of Managers and the MHMR Board of Trustees), 

    • Setting all salaries and benefits, and authorizing contracts

    • Providing and maintaining all county buildings and facilities. 

  • And did you know that the Commissioners Court is also responsible for the Tarrant County Hospital District and the 911 District? When you add all of this together, it means that your Commissioners Court oversees a total budget of more than $2 billion! $2 billion!

What is County Government?

  • Your county commissioner is responsible for county roads and bridges within your precinct and makes policy-oriented budget decisions.

  • As a member of the commissioners court, your commissioner exercises broad policy-making authority and influence over important areas including:

    • taxes, budgets, contracts, and personnel, 

    • IT, housing, transportation, and economic development

    • healthcare, mental health, public health, public safety, and transportation


And who hires the County Commissioner?  You do!


When hiring your next Commissioner, you should look for:

  • Someone with experience managing complex, multi-million dollar budgets, large scale projects and staff… EXPERIENCED

  • Someone who is active and engaged in the many communities of Precinct 2, and who is able to partner with the mayors and council members in those communities to deal with transportation issues, to fight crime, to raise awareness on healthcare, mental health, and epidemic concerns, and to prevent drug abuse and help combat the opioid crisis… KNOWLEDGEABLE

  • Someone who has a track record of performance and is committed to being accessible and accountable to the people they represent… TRUSTED

When voting this November, choose a Commissioner with a proven track record–not just in business and leadership, but also in temperament, integrity and the ability to work with others. Choose a Commissioner who is ready to lead Tarrant County from Day One, with the ability to bring people together and meet the needs of all those who reside in Precinct 2.

This November, choose
Andy Nguyen… Experienced. Knowledgeable. Trusted.


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